Alhamdullilah we have been given permission by the officials to reopen our masjid with the condition that we only allow our facilities to be at 50% capacity.

*Registration link is on homepage*

Rules For Attending the Five Daily Prayers:
  1. A face mask should be on at all times in the Masjid
  2. An individual prayer rug should be used by all congregates when praying.
  3. Please use the right judgement if you can come to Masjid or not. If we see members with any signs of cold or fever we will ask them to go home. I hope you all understand and support us with that.

As for the more important topic of Friday prayer, we made the following decisions:

  • ISVT will accommodate up to 100 people in the Masjid for Jumuaa In Shaa Allah.
  • ISVT will send out registration forms via email to the whole community, and the first 100 to fill out the forms and submit them will be sent confirmation letters and only those first 100 will be allowed in the masjid (email ISVT at if you would like to receive Jumma Registration Forms)
  • We ask only members “who have religious obligation to attend the Friday prayers” to fill out the forms, given the small limit of members that can congregate. This is a sensitive matter, and please bare with us and have patience as we go through this. In Shaa Allah the situation is getting better and better walhamdulillah.
  • Please follow the health safety guidelines above when coming to Friday prayers (face masks, individual prayer rugs, sanitization, and no illness)
  • When entering the masjid look for designated spots for where to place your rug and sit, as we want to maintain about 6ft between members.