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Please read carefully and understand the rules of Taraweeh prayer. WE WILL BE STRICT WITH THESE RULES WITH NO EXCEPTION. Below is the plan and the rules.

1. We will be sending in the month of Ramadan 2 forms; one for women and one for men. Please use the appropriate form to sign. If you are a man and use a women’s form, you will not be allowed in and vice versa. The max cap for women will be 30 and for men will be 50. So be vigilant when you are registering.

2. In the same form, will be asked if you are coming with kids and will need to put the names and their age. Will have a max limit of 40 kids. If both a father and a mother of the kids are coming, please only register the kids in one form.

3. The forms will be sent daily, around afternoon and will be closed by 7pm. The doors will be closed at Isha and will have security to let people in after the doors are closed. Only people who registered and have a confirmation email will be allowed in. If you did not register, please don’t come as there will be a strict rule of not letting people in.

4. Will create a google sheet for volunteers which will be in view mode; i.e. no body will be able to edit it, and this will give a view of who has volunteered for that day. We will need everyone to chip in, men and women, helping to keep an eye on the kids. We would like to have 4 volunteers a day. IF THERE ARE NO VOLUNTEER FOR THAT DAY, WE WILL NOT ALLOW ANY KIDS AT THE MASJID. I apologize in advance but if we want our kids to play safe, there needs to be supervision. There will be kids from the age of 2 to 15yrs. If there is no plan and no supervision, it is prone to kids getting hurt. This is the first time that we are at the new masjid where we will be having many people at taraweeh. This masjid is bigger and has more space for kids to run around. so will need to be very careful on this and will need to abide with the rules of the supervisors.

This is the google sheet of volunteers. Please let me know which day you will volunteer and will add you. Everyone should be able to view this sheet. If by Sunday, there are no volunteers to watch the kids, they will not be allowed at the masjid. and If you don’t see any volunteers on that specific day please do not bring your kids.

5. We would also like men to volunteer on the front door to check names of people who have been confirmed. Please email me back if you are able to help. This will only be done before salah. when salah starts the door will be locked and the security will deal with the people coming after.


Again just to reiterate, please follow all the rules; register in time, include the kids in your registration and very important if there are no volunteers please don’t bring the kids to the masjid.

We are doing all this for 2 reasons; we are still in the midst of the COVID pandemic and we still need to be watchful and most important security as most of you know it has been getting worse in this country and we need to take all precautions necessary. We ask Allah to bring sakinah to our community and to make us witness Ramadhan in peace and get all the benefits out of it. Ameen.

If you have any questions or concerns or other ideas, let me know. Sorry for the long email and apologize in advance if we are strict on the rules.