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Support Our New Masjid 2020 Budget

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Let us first thank Allah for allowing us to witness Ramadan. We ask him to accept our worship and make it sincere for his sake. This Ramadan will be different for us since it may be the first one where we are not at the masjid for Taraweeh and community Iftars. But, it offers us the chance to worship Allah in private and strengthen our ties within our families. Our new masjid was ready for everyone to come and enjoy during Ramadan, but the Qadar of Allah took us on a totally different route, Alhamdulillah.

Did you know 90% of our annual budget relies on Ramadan Donations? Since you cannot attend the masjid due to COVID-19, please donate to keep our masjid running.

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Our New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every corner of our world, our professions, our lives. Our masjid, like the community and families we serve, has not been immune to its impact.This pandemic has caused us to stay home and prevented us from going to the masjid. It has also resulted in a financial crisis too many in our community due to either job loss(es) or salary cuts, placing many of us under strenuous situations. Our Sadaqah now will be the best kind of Sadaqah we have ever given, and therefore, its reward will be higher, insha’Allah. This hadith from our prophet (PBUH) describes our current situation perfectly:

The best Sadaqah is the one you give while you’re healthy and miser (having a long hope to live and afraid of becoming poor).


Ramadan is when our Masjid recharges and collects over 90% of its Annual Operational Budget, but this Ramadan, as we will all witness, will be completely different. Muslims in Vermont won’t be able to attend our Ramadan activities in person and make donations to cover our yearly budget. Since February 2020, our Masjid hasn’t received any significant donations which normally help cover its monthly expenses. Therefore, our masjid is facing tremendous financial hardship. Our preference would’ve been to rely on money from the sale of our old property, but that has not happened yet. Considering everyone’s current situation, we, therefore, are only asking for the minimum needed to help us cover the $147,000 Annual Operational Budget necessary to keep the masjid functioning. We may be staying home in Ramadan, but the Rewards of fasting and Sadaqah are still available for us to reap,


Looking Ahead with Optimism

We accept the decree of Allah (SWT) and trust His wisdom. Many of you contributed towards
the purchase our new masjid, and now, we appeal to your dedication to our local masjid to, at
least, ensure its ability to sustain itself, carry on its basic operations and be able to pay its expenses.

Jazakum Allahu khairan

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