Eid will be this Sunday, May 24 th , Insha’allah. May Allah accept our worships and enable us to enjoy Eid, insha’allah. Regarding Eid prayer at ISVT: Vermont Governor Scott has extended the stay home order until June 15 th , with the relaxation of a maximum of 10 people inside the masjid at one time. Unfortunately, these relaxations will still NOT allow us to hold our Eid prayer like we normally do at the masjid, or elsewhere outside the masjid (this includes our parking lot or any public park). Due to the maximum of ten people in the masjid at any time, we will hold Eid prayer between the Imam, and the masjid staff ONLY. Holding Eid prayer in such fashion removes the obligation of praying Eid from the rest of the Muslim community in Vermont.

However, the majority of the jurists, (with the exception of the Hanafis) have declared it permissible to perform Eid prayer at home for whoever misses it in congregation. It has been narrated on the authority of Anas (may Allah be pleased with him), that if he missed the Eid prayer with the imam, he would gather his family and servants, and ʿAbdullāh b. Abi Utbah would lead them in two rak’at, making takbeer.

You can pray Eid individually or in Jama’at as well. ISVT’s Alternative Virtual Eid Prayer Plan for the Community: Our Eid prayer will be streamed online via Zoom and Facebook (links to be provided soon).

How To Be a Part of ISVT’s Alternative Eid Prayer

  1. 7:30am: Start of Takberaat. You can listen to the Live Takberaat and repeat them with your family.
  2. 8:00am: Imam Islam and ISVT staff will start their prayer.
  3. 8:00am: At the same time, pray your own prayer with your family as follows: (DO NOT follow Imam Islam’s in prayer)
        1. In the 1st Rak’aa, make seven Takberaat (beside the takbeerh of Ihram), then recite Al-Fatiha and short surah loudly, and continue the Rak’aa as normal.
        2. In the second Rak’aa, make five Takberaat (beside the takbeerah one makes when rising from sujood). Then recite Al-Fatiha and short Surah, and continue the Rak’aa as normal.
        3. Again, do not follow the prayer in the broadcast. Make your own prayer as explained above.

4. Eid Khutba: Upon finishing your prayer, rejoin the livestream to listen to the Eid Khutba with your family.

It is unfortunate that this is the only way we can have our Eid prayer at this time. The difficult time we are living in changes the way of how we must hold our religious gatherings and celebrations. We hope that these guidelines will loosen up by the next Eid prayer in August, insha’allah. If you have any questions, please send them